From the President’s Desk

I love gardening, it’s my little therapeutic time. It takes some effort to take care of the soil, water the plants, get rid of weeds etc… but in the end when you see something come to life & grow, it is its own reward.

This morning I woke to some beautiful lily flowers in my home garden. Just a couple of days back they looked like plain grass & today they’ve blossomed into these beautiful & captivating flowers. Reminds me that people are just like this! You never know what potential someone has, but give them enough time, love and encouragement & you’ll see them blossom.

Similarly, at Daffodils – the enthusiastic and supportive aura of everyone around acts as a good enabler. It provides a conducive environment for the growth of each an every Daffodilian.

And with enough time YOU can see them reflect their beauty inside out…

Be the enabler!
Let people blossom…

At Daffodil Toastmasters Club

Pranab Singh