From the President’s Desk

I stepped into Daffodils Toastmasters Club as an existing Toastmaster. I soon realized, being just a Toastmaster and being a Daffodils Toastmaster were two different things.

It was a new place, yet the warmth was palpable. I can recall to this date, the ever enthusiastic Sergeant or the kind VP Membership. Not to forget the dedicated VPE and the ever charming President. I didn’t think twice, and became a member immediately.

The day I delivered my icebreaker speech, that day, I wasn’t the only one who shared a story. Everyone who took stage did. Daffodils embraces everyone who walks in, with warm hands and loving hearts. It helped me Express.

The intention of joining Toastmasters was to express myself. But being a part of Daffodils, gave me a new perspective. This club gave way to a sea of opportunities. Fierce competitions during the contests, fun conversations at the dinner table and the bonding through the outings have made my journey memorable. The platform at Daffodils has blessed me with Experiences. 

By Expressing and Experiencing myself, it has made me Emerge as a leader, leading the club with my capable team.

Daffodils is not just a club. It’s more than a club. It’s family. A family that stands by you, during your losses and celebrate your success.

Daffodils is a family that lets you Express, Experience, and Emerge as a successful individual.

As the President of Daffodils Toastmasters Club, I welcome you with warmth and love, to be part of our family.  

– TM shriyanka rao