From the President’s Desk

How many of you love dancing?
Asked my KG teacher. From the first row corner seat there went a hand up.
Me, me,me!
It was the first day of rehearsals and with so much enthusiasm I reached the dance room; there were about fifteen of us in the room.
Tiny frocks, big pig tails, eager to learn eyes and ready to dance feet.
The teacher pressed the button, raised her hands and moved left. I raised my hands and moved right.
The teacher said,”Shree Nidhi one row back please.”
I was all set this time. Ready to dance. The teacher raised her hand and moved right. I raised my hands and moved left.
“Shree Nidhi go all the way back please.” I went all the way back.
The only thing that I could see was pigtails and the only time that I could see the teacher was when she raised her hands.
But this, didn’t disappoint me.
First row or last row didn’t matter. My goal was to dance.I would dance in class. Dance at home. Dance in the washroom.I enjoyed dancing.Once when I was taking shower, the song was playing on the television.I grabbed myself a towel, wrapped myself from head to toe and ran out, and by the time I got out the song had ended. But I couldn’t help, and tears rolled down my cheeks. My parents till date laugh out loud while they reminisce this scene.

Amma, acha thank you for putting up through all my stupidity. It’s because of you that I am here today.
That day it was dance practice, today it is speech practice . But no matter what you have supported me and always been by my side. It is purely because of you, that I have always been able to achieve the goals.

Dear Toastmasters, when I look back today at that moment, it was dancing and my goal was to dance. My goal was to have fun. That was something that drove me. It didn’t matter how I did it or where I did it. All that mattered was I did it.
And this has been a huge part of me. When I see a goal, I chase it. I give it my all and I get it done!

Dear Daffodilians we always stand out for all the right reasons & our energy is palpable
We remain as a the World’s Greatest club and this is the time to affirm oneness in our spirit and mind , not just to self,but even to the world that we are Daffodilians and we will show you what it takes to be one!
As a club I’m sure we all will live that spirit, we will bring that oneness and take it up to every meeting,every contest and everywhere we go.
Let’s walk together in this!
My goal for the term is not for a Toastmaster to ask if we are a Daffodilian?
But to know we are the one!
Our Goals are set. Let us rise and chase!
We have 15 years of greatness and let us now be 16 and unstoppable!

– TM Shree Nidhi Madhusudhan