The committee for the Term January to June 2022, is a dynamic bunch of folks that are club officers by the day and the AVENGERS by night 😉

PRESIDENT – Manoj Kumar as Captain America

Our Captain, sorry, our president can be often confused for Steve in more than one ways. Not just the good looks, but also how he leads a team and harnesses the raw talent individuals have to offer and make it a beautiful work of art reminds us all of the “First Avenger”

VICE PRESIDENT EDUCATION – Nagesh Ramamurthy as Dr. Stephen Strange

The VP Education is a man with many talents, we can call him the Dr. Strange of the group as “Time” is of much importance to him, he even manages to keep the rest of the group on time. He plans to push past boundaries the club has set for itself in terms of achievements and education.

VICE PRESIDENT MEMBERSHIP – Manu Abhuday as Thor, Son of Odin

Like Thor and his hammer the VP Membership, Manu and his people skills go hand in hand. True to Thor’s reputation, his strength is where his heart is. A true lover of a community, he aspires expand the horizons of our club and bring several new additions to our family.


Our VP- Public Relations is an individual that’s creative and plays hard, much like Tony. She’s a hardcore feminist which even sits well with her alter ego. Iron= fe, Man= Male. She plans on putting the club under the spotlight just the way Tony would do for himself.

SECRETARY – Sona Bilakhia as Black Widow

The resemblance between Sona and Nat would be so uncanny, she holds the committee down just like Agent Romanoff did after the war against Thanos. She is the calm before the storm. Kindness is her weapon. She aspires to keep the communication going between the members and the committee.

TREASURER – Karthik NM as Hawkeye

The Treasurer for our term does not miss a single target, in terms of finances and goals. A sharp shooter, with steady plans for the financial needs of the club. The avenger he resembles closely to is obviously Hawk eye. He puts the Daffodils family first, always!

SEARGENT AT ARMS – Chandira Kadam as Ant man

The Seargent, the ground team is a one woman army all by herself. Restoring order is her favorite pass time both in the club and outside. A quality that Ant man displays in trying times. Her agenda for the term is to uphold the structure of the meetings and the club as a whole.