Improving communication & leadership skills is like a never-ending journey – wherever you are, there is always a next destination waiting to be conquered. In 2019, I was looking for the right place to begin this journey.

That’s when all the roads led to a club in Malleshwaram – Daffodils Toastmasters club.

Here, I found myself surrounded myself with people who shared my passion for self-improvement & my patience for following the process of learning.

The day I gave my first speech at the club, I felt like a rock-star. I have never looked back since.

From speech writing, to speech delivery, to impromptu speaking, to mentoring, to leading a capable team of passionate volunteers – I have felt a positive difference in all areas in last two and half years.

Best part of this journey? the fun along the way with tons of new friends.

Daffodils has transformed my public-speaking and leadership. You too have access to this life-changing comradery.

I warmly welcome you to be part of this club… or should I say this movement… or this family.

Join us to unleash the best version of yourself.

The best time to join? Well that’s a one-word answer: NOW