Committee for the term July – December 2019

The committee for the Term July to December 2019, can be best described as fun, innovative and dedicated. Have a look at this committee that strives to take Daffodils Toastmasters a notch higher!

President – ANISH D’SOUZA

Traveling and adventure is what makes him tick
his looks and his beard is always too slick
software engineering keeps him going
passion and love for the club never stops soaring

Presenting your President, TM Anish D’Souza

TM Anish D’souza is our president, who loves to go on adventure treks, listen to audiobooks, and brings a smile on every person that he meets! With charm like his, there are many who have fallen! He aims to achieve the highest pinnacle that Daffodils can reach!

Vice President Education – UMANATH K T

An entrepenur in industrial automation space,
he will warm your heart with his grace,
singing seems to be his passion,
all you need is his hug’s concoction.

Umanath is a very passionate and hardworking person which you can witness in his marvellous toastmaster’s journey. Right from being an inspiration to the future entrepreneurs, till being an example of how to enjoy your life, Umanath has made a mark for himself in the club. With his associates, Keshav and Krushna, the VPE team is sure to perform tremendously this term.

Vice President Membership – ADITYA MAMIDI

An engineer at the ISRO,
his smiles and poker faces will wipe out your sorrow,
great in mathematics and programming,
he’s a fun and a wonderful human being

Aditya is the growing star of the club, with him taking a lot of crucial roles in the committee. This term, he is sure to make our club grow in numbers as he is taking up the Vice president membership role. Our VPM Aditya has his associates, TM Amrutha and TM Jennifer, will definitely make a big impact in the club.

Vice President Public Relations – TM AASHISH MUKUND

A football field is his favourite place to be,
For shawarmas and parties, he will always be free,
a passionate computer science engineer in the making,
nature and comedy, these two keep him breathing

Aashish is just one year short of graduating from RV College of Engineering. He will be entering into the promising IT field with a lucrative job in his kitty. His versatility and his ability to gel with people will take him a long way. With his associate TM Ruthwik, the VPPR team is sure to bring out new ideas and initiatives and take the club to the zenith.


Business development executive during the day,
with books and the camera he likes to play,
caricature adds to his list of hobbies,
self confidence, he believes will win you trophies

Sridhar is a very creative person and likes to dabble in various things. Being an inquisitive person, his foray into writing and photography will be one of the foremost things the club can look upto. Being a very competitive and a team person, TM Sridar along with his associates TM Trilok and TM SiriLatha, will definitely keep the spirits of the committee as well as the club, flying high.

Treasurer – TM CHETAN


Just another passionate engineer they said,
cycling and carnatic music got lost in their head,
tall and handsome he stands when each meeting starts,
with his quotes and addresses he always wins your hearts

Saravanan, a product of the prestigious Indian Institute of Science is a very simple and kind-hearted person. He has a unique way of doing things in style and the club can be expected to reflect the same in all colours. With his associate, TM Kishore, the SAA team is definitely going to serve the club in a spectacular fashion.