Committee for the term January – June 2019

The committee for the Term January to June 2019, can be best described as fun, innovative and dedicated. Have a look at this committee that strives to take Daffodils Toastmasters a notch higher!

President – Shree Nidhi Madhusudhan 

She’s a care taker
Of her lovely little world
So much on her shoulders yet fits every mold
A teacher by profession but a student at heart
Showing wisdom within sophistication
Works hard, works smart
Presenting the *President, TM Shree Nidhi.*

 TM Shree Nidhi is a dedicated and a hard working person, who believes in unity and diversity. With being a teacher at a school, she surely knows how to get things done, and at the same time encourage her team to do a billion times better! 

With TM Shree Nidhi, as a president, Daffodils is sure to soar to new heights and places! 

Vice President Education – Anish D’souza 

I speak of a man
Who gels with people really fast
His eyes are envelopes
Diaries of distant past
A traveler that he is
Adventure is all he seeks
His beard is his soul
And Everest, his next goal
Presenting your VPE, TM Anish D’Souza

TM Anish D’souza is our VPE, who loves to go on adventure treks, listen to audiobooks, and bring a smile on every person that he meets! With charm like his, there are many who have fallen! He has the skills of a software engineer and aims to achieve the highest pinnacle that Daffodils can reach! With Associates, TM Kishan Kumar, TM Umanath K.T and TM Sai Kiran Reddy, the VPE Team is sure to perform better than the best!

Vice President Membership – Dilip Suresh

A mature mind and a manly look
Hardwork and honesty, seriously he took
Honour for life is the twinkle of his eyes
And so just photography won’t suffice
A humble heart, compassion in each cell
Ask him something, he’s ready to help.
Presenting the VPM, TM Dilip Suresh.

TM Dilip Suresh is our VPM, who enjoys working and working out a lot! He loves his drug store – Pharmaceutical, that is! He is a very jovial, fun loving and a beautiful human! He also enjoys a drink with his buddies and sharing his stories and listening to what every story he ever hears has. He’s also a seeker, someone who wants to know the truth to life, as he enjoys his yoga practices as well! His associates, TM Keshav N and TM Sonal are sure to help our VPM be the best that Daffodils has ever seen! 

Vice President Public Relations – TM Deepali Dwarakanath

She’s a free flowing spirit
Loved by each of her friends
A little diamond
Shines beneath that dress
Her innocent face can be deceiving
But that enthusiasm never fails to impress.
Presenting the VPPR, TM Deepali Dwarkanath

TM Deepali Dwarakanath is someone who enjoys creating aesthetic and minimalist environments and designs. She enjoys curating new things and reading books. Pursing commerce by profession and art by heart, she is a mix of the corporate and artistic worlds! With associates, TM Khush C and TM Rashmi G , who both have a right brain dominant, the PR Team aims to achieve the highest peak of designs and ideas there is! 

Secretary – TM Chhaya Jain

The girl I speak of now, is just a dreamer
Unsupervised, within a world of eyes,
Fighting for what lies beyond appearances
in an attempt to become wise.
Presenting the secretary, TM Chhaya Jain

TM Chhaya Jain is a sketch artist who enjoys reading and listening and grooving to music! She is an artist by heart who enjoys learning new things every day and believes in taking care of the body we live in. She enjoys practicing yoga and writing poems. Her associates, TM Jennifer and TM Abhinav, too are people who enjoy art, the secretary team in all, is a wonderful mixture of ideas and backgrounds that aim to lead the legacy further on! 

Treasurer – TM Aditya M

To him, his job is his principle delight
He seldom sees his house except at night
A super genius, who designs satellites
The owner of an innocent smile and future so bright.
Presenting the *treasurer, TM Aditya M*

TM Aditya is an aspiring young man, who is currently working at NASA. He is a very fun and sociable person who enjoys humor as it is. He is the entertainment master of our committee! With associates TM Saravanan, he sure is to rock as our Treasurer who aims to change everything that has to do with money to the best of his abilities! 

Sergeant At Arms – TM Krushna Behera

I speak of a simple man
He lives each day with a simple plan
“Enjoy each day and live while you can,
Make each day count and take a stand”
His heart is of gold, innocence a layer.
Presenting the *SAA, TM Krushna Behera*

Our SAA, TM Krushna is a very simple and a honest man, who enjoys eating food, and rightly so, is our Sergeant! He aims to bring the best of snacks there is for the members of Daffodils along with presenting the club to the guests in an innovative way! With associates, TM Harsha, TM Amrutha and TM Nandisharan, he has an army that will ensure you enjoy your time at Daffodils, and you will  keep coming back! 

Credits – Chhaya Jain