Committee for the term July-December 2018


President – Shwetha Mahesh

‘Enthu-cutlet’ is one word that aptly describes her energetic and enthusiastic nature. She has been a part of Daffodils for the past 2 years and has already won the award for the Toastmaster of the Year. Currently pursuing B. Com in MES college, she’s getting ready to step into the corporate world. Loves traveling and a born adventure junkie. She actively works to always bring something new to the table. Shwetha’s plans for the upcoming term are to encourage and guide the committee for to give their best in their leadership and in turn this leads the club to continue being the greatest club in the world.



VPE- Ankit Bidi

Dancing her way through speeches and breezing her way through meetings, Ankita is a passionate Toastmaster. She has been a part of Daffodils for over a year and is currently pursuing Bachelors in Law at M.S Ramaiah College. Her stage experience in skits and plays has only added proficiency to her style whenever she takes stage at the club. She wishes to serve the club and Toastmasters International to her maximum proficiency. As an education officer Ankita wants to lead by example and serve the club in best possible way by giving them opportunities to learn from the best and be the best by taking stage without fear.

                                   Associate VPE- TM Umanath K T

Has been a part of Daffodils for more than one year and is an Entrepreneur by profession. Loves reading and singing. Aspires to become a transformational trainer and serve the Toastmaster fraternity to his best ability. His plans for the upcoming term is to work towards the club growth and being the best in what he does to ensure the members happiness.


VPM: TM Shree Nidhi Madhusudhan

She has been a part of Daffodils for past 4 months and a toastmaster for more than 2 years. A proud triple crown winner and a district champion she all set to rock the club as the VP Membership. She loves emceeing and is a teacher by profession and list goes on. As a VPM for the term she aspires to welcome guests with an open hand and give them the right platform to grow in their public speaking and leadership skills.

Associate VPM- TM Aditya Mamidi

TM Aditya has a very fancy job. Yes it’s fancy because everyone dreams to get a job like his. He works as a scientist at ISRO and controls satellites. His next aspiration is to pursue MBA from the top IIM in India. He has been the best leader for membership the club has seen. With his amazing working he is shooting up the leadership ladder just like his satellites.


                                              VPPR – TM Sai Kiran Reddy

Entertaining and confident are two words that were included in the dictionary just so TM Sai Kiran could be described. He has been a part of Daffodils for the last 1 and a half year and is just graduated from college is working as an engineer. An ace hockey player, TM Sai also fancies playing the guitar. He is determined to reach the highest level in public speaking with the help of lessons learnt in Toastmasters. His plans for the upcoming term are to make the club reach as many people in the world possible and to help them beat the fear of public speaking and to make them better leaders which in turn makes our society a better one.


                                      Associate VPPR- TM Kiran Gupta

TM Kiran has been part of Daffodils for past 4 months. She works with great finesse and always spreads joy and fun around. A movie buff, artistically inclined who enjoys gardening.  She loves going on adventure treks and finds travelling a way to explore herself.  Being passionate about the field of education and PR, she inspires to empower people. As a PR for the term she aims to spread the message to the world for what toastmasters stand for in public speaking and in leadership.


                               Associate  VPPR- TM Deepali Dwarakanath

TM Deepali is a little spark who lights the club with joy. She has been part of Daffodils for more 2 months. She is currently pursuing company secretary. She is a great dancer and a photographer and enjoys doing both these hobbies with great finesse. As a Toastmaster she aspires to become a distinct voice.


Secretary- TM Dilip Suresh

TM Dilip has been part of Daffodils for past 7 months. He currently works in a pharmaceutical company making drugs which cure people on the society and he contributes for a happy society. And now he has taken up the leadership at Daffodils to give the best to the club and to spread the word of Daffodils to the people in the society. Where ever he is he thinks of people around him. His motto for the term is Xceed, Xhilirate, Xplore


Associate Secretary – TM Chhaya

 A Bachelor of Commerce Graduate and a sketch artist by heart. TM Chhaya, loves anything that has to do with being creative or with art. Having trekking close to her heart, she says that art is her meditation. From Toastmasters, she wants to grow and build on her public speaking skills and wants to bust her stage fear!

                                         Treasurer- TM Manjunath J.A.

TM Manjunath is an engineer by professional who helps shape the world. And as treasure for the term with proper utilization of the funds he is ready to shape the club in the bet possible way such that everyone looks up to Daffodils. He has part of Daffodils for 2 years. As a treasurer he also aims to bring effective Speechcraft sessions at Daffodils.


                                         Associate Treasurer – TM Ruthwik R

He has been a part of Daffodils for the past six months and has won the heart of members at the club with his innocence. He currently works as a software engineer. As an associate treasurer he aims to get the best Speechcraft sessions and increase the club funds and using them with care.

                                              SAA – TM Mahesh Vittal

He has been a part of Daffodils for past 4 months. Generous and kind-hearted is not enough  describe him. His plans for the upcoming term is to perform the duties of a Sergeant effectively and make the members happy with scrumptious snacks.



Associate SAA – TM Akshay Harish

He has been a part of Daffodils for past 2 months.  An engineer by profession and an alumni of Dayananda Sagar College of engineering. Loves to watch and play football. A part time engineer and a full time foodie.