Meeting #893: Breaking Barriers

Last Saturday, our club collaborated with a club miles away and conducted an international linker meeting. We broke all the barriers and came together to join a meeting which was virtually impossible but *possible virtually*. We thank the *TGIS club* and its members for such an amazing experience. Presenting to you the minutes of meeting #893, International linkers meet, *Breaking Barriers*. Regards, Secretary Team Daffodils Toastmasters Club#1766 #ExtraMileEveryday *Sparking Growth, Shaping Lives*

Meeting 888: Where leaders are made

Dear Daffodilians, Every meeting, a new set of speakers, a new set of evaluators come out of their cocoons and get ready to fly high in their lives. Doesn't our club every Saturday proves that "Leaders are not born but made"? Presenting to you, the minutes of the 888th meeting "Where leaders are made". Regards, Secretary Team Daffodils Toastmasters Club #ExtraMileEveryday

Meeting 887 : Time Flies, Love Stays

Be it finding the perfect match through chats or taking the help of Astrology, our club members have found all the ways to find and share the love. Let us all go back to the lovely meeting we had on the day of love. Presenting to you the minutes of meeting no. 887 "Time flies, Love stays" held on 13 February 2021, Saturday.

Meeting #885 : Mission Possible

*“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm possible.”* Dear Daffodilians, From the story of overcoming sleep deprivation to the story of the three dyslexics. We all witnessed how the speakers have overcome challenges in their personal life and have made the mission possible. It is now time to recap all those moments and relive the enriching experience. Presenting to you all the minutes of the 885th meeting *"Mission Possible"*. Regards, Secretary Team Daffodils Toastmasters Club #ExtraMileEveryday Sparking Growth, Shaping Lives