PRESIDENT – Mahesh as Amitabh Bachchan

Ever charming President of the daffodils has always shown the courage and resolve to be a leader. He reminds us of the tall figure of Amitabh Bachchan, who took Bollywood to the greatest of heights.

The dynamic VP Education is ever enthusiastic and cheerful with a soft smile and sparkling eyes. Like King Khan, he aspires to be the King of public speaking.

The energetic VP Membership is potent and radiant with energy. His charisma resembles the superhero image that Hritik Roshan has created for himself.

The energizing VP Public relations has perseverance and an enterprising attitude. His perfectionist temperament is sure to take daffodils to the next level.

The Khiladi Secretary is ever-present in the daffodils club. His penmanship is undoubtedly an asset to the daffodils club that will give innovative ideas to beat the regulation and move towards extraordinary.

The suave Treasurer has the calmness and talent of the most versatile actors in Bollywood. Akin to the multi-faceted actor, he is ever-present in the club and creates a lasting impression.

The SAA has a way of charming the people congruent to the Thalaiva of Tamil cinema. He is surely going to great lengths with his grace and affable nature.


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