Art lies in changing the key before life changes the lock.

Change is the only thing which is constant said a wise man.

I realized this practically in my corporate career that in order to be one
step ahead of the curve, you have to be flexible, have an open mind,
and most importantly – be willing to learn, unlearn, and relearn. That
will take you to the next level in your career. If not, after a few years,
you get a feeling of “getting stuck” and not moving forward. At the
end of the day, your degree is just a piece of paper if not used wisely.

Your life is what you make it. Your current situation is the result of the
choices you have made. You are the only one responsible for where
you are right now, and for the level of happiness or unhappiness
present in your life. You and only you. Stop blaming people around
you. Stop blaming the situation around you. If you want to change the
quality of all aspects of your life, you have to start by taking
responsibility for everything. Responsibility is one of the “key” factors
which will determine the direction of your life.

The key is taking responsibility and deciding what your life is about and
prioritizing your life around the most important things.

If you do not take responsibility for your results, you will often find
yourself in a mental prison. It can destroy just about everything that is
necessary for a meaningful life: self-image, self-respect, self-esteem
and many other attributes which will often pull you down.

When people refuse to take responsibility for their lives, they turn over
to other people, situations, or circumstances. They are no longer in
control of their future. They may hope for something good to happen,
but because of past experiences, they most likely expect something
they do not want to happen. But when you accept complete
responsibility for your life and for the results which you can determine
and are in your control, you will develop self-belief and confidence that
your dreams can be realized, that your plans can be executed. This is
an art that we all can practice and make our lives better and fulfilling.

Responsibility opens the door and permits you to walk in freedom with
your head held high. If you find yourself in a confined mental state,
remember, there is a way out. The “key” that fits the “lock” is clearly
marked and is within everyone’s reach. It is responsibility.

So, my friends, go find the “key” to your life. If not, before you realize,
life would have “locked” you and you would not have even realized it.
The true art lies in finding the key before life changes the lock.

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