Life in Depression (LID)

It`s been eight years we lost our best friend, Harish. He had always been known as the comedian, the one who enjoys nothing more than making people laugh. As a student, he was exposed to some pretty rough stuff. His parents worked so hard to put himself through school and keep him happy and fed. But he could not able to clear his master’s in business administration and end up with unemployed.
He had been told always so positive and make their parents proud. After a few months of market search started a paying guest business with the help of his father and took some credit from money lenders. At the beginning he didn`t expect any returns but over the course of time he unable to maintain it. That was the first time he chose the wrong path for temporary relief from stress, problems and responsibilities. He became a chain smoker and drunkard. We advised him this was not the right solution for your problems. He just denied our words by saying for mental relief.
But he never knew that depression eating him up from the inside. He was masking the symptoms (feelings of sadness, hopelessness, sleep disturbances, reduced appetite, feelings of worthlessness, past failures frequent thoughts of death, suicidal thoughts) with alcohol and cigarette.
Gradually, depression became so disruptive that led him to consume more alcohol, after a certain point of time his body saturated with it. In 2011 money lenders took his business according to the credit agreement, things were going to be messed up and he had no control of it. He would come home and feel so exhausted from all those situations in his head and he wanted to drink but no money to buy.
He lost his consciousness and followed the cheap drug addiction techniques (like drinking sprite by adding whitener, full bottle of cough syrup etc.).He didn`t want to burden to his parents, on September 11 in the mid-night we got a call from him but we didn`t answer it. The very next day I called him but heard a new voice from his side, it was a police. We came to know last night he hanged up himself. We felt guilty because unable to save our friend life. Police inquired us about him, their investigation revealed cause of death. Yes, it was” depression”.
What I learned from after Harish death. Many people think they are just feeling sad because of work stress, failures, loss and disturbances in relationships. But;
Do you know more than two weeks of sadness leads to depression?
Do you know one in six people aged 10-19 years is suffering from depression?
Do you know India is the most depressed country in the world?
According to WHO research study report, conducted for the NCMH (National Care Of Medical Health), states that at least 6.5 per cent of the Indian population suffers from some serious mental disorder, with no discernible rural-urban differences. We need to create awareness about depression, it`s represented by a semicolon symbol (;).
Doctors say depression is inevitable and curable; to save one self from depression control your stress levels. We can control our stress levels by joins a social club or group that creates or views art, exercise, being in nature, healthy food and identifying negative beliefs.
“Like a lid on a bowl we can remove depression in one`s life”
-Written by Sridhar Thandra

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