meeting #794- be too lazy to hold a grudge


Just because yesterday you had a war of words with people around you? Did that make you feel a prisoner of your past today?”
Two monks saw a woman yelling at her servants because she couldn’t cross muddy road. The elder monk carried her across but she pushed past him in return. On being asked why he helped such a rude person. He answered, “I let her down long back, why are you still holding on to it?”
With that powerful message, the Sargent of the day started the meet with a bang of the gavel.
After his usual drill, he passed in the lectern to the acting president of the day.


This time the presidential address was rather different. Our acting president read a beautiful message written by TM Kaishika Rodrigo – WCPS finalist 2016 and toastmaster international district82. In her message, she spoke about the small deeds of care that people coming to the church do.The attack would make people weep and mourn but the same people will never hurt the terrorists in return. “We’re all humans.To get angry, to hate, to hold a grudge is human, but don’t let it make you inhuman.”On that note, our acting president handed over the lectern to the TMOD.


As a young boy, Aditya used to study in telugu medium school. His rich aunt had once taunted his mother that nothing can happen of his future because of this.
His mother from them held a grudge against everything that held her and her son back. She ensured he succeeded. When he finally got a job in ISRO. She cried tears of joy.
He concluded by saying, “be lazy to hold a grudge against people, but never against those that hold you back.”
The young toastmaster brought in an avenger sequence in the meeting and successfully converted the meet into a marvel.


Project: L1P2 | Title:Selfless love
Mentor | TM Pranab Singh

Our young toastmaster on her sixteenth birthday forced her parents to let her go on a long ride. Due to irresponsibility, she ended up in an accident. Her mother then told her about why they are possessive about each member of the family. The conjuction of a decoit attack on her father and her mother’s pregnancy was a horrifying. However, her birth showed her family some hope. On hearing the horrid past she understood the source of courage for her family lie in little celebrations.
Parents are selfless, we must learn to respect it, she concluded.


Project: L1P3 |Title:The Trap
Mentor | TM Anish D`souza

Ashoka was cheerful with a charismatic personality and possessed high self esteem when he was a young boy but some incidents in his life changed his conduct and he became a people pleaser which made him struggle with his own decisions making. This type of conditioning is faced by many of us that and that’s why we are stuck at the same place in our careers, relationships our life has become very unexciting so Dr.Grover suggested some tips for our betterment. Our speaker not only spoke of ashoka, but also got into the character. Marking the sign of a good speaker


Project: ACB,P1 | Title:Never Getting Old

After a long time TM SS Desai delivered his speech at home club.He motivated the audience with the story of George Dawson,when dawson was aged about 98 wanted to read and was making door-to-door visits on behalf of a local adult education program. He mentioned age was just a number, if we have will we can do anything in life.


  • Be the change that you wish to see in the world.
  • Don`t wait, the time will never be just right.
  • Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do.
  • I am not lazy .I am on energy saving mode.
  • Better an oops! than what if ?
  • You have excuses on results but not both.
  • Hunger is the best spice.
  • Where there is a will there is away.
  • Poverty is the state of mind.
  • A day without laughter a day wasted.

Networking |Refreshments


The evaluator loved the strong opening where the speaker gets into the character , which got the audience connect. The speaker had a smooth transition. However the evaluator suggested the speaker to be expressive throughout the speech and work on voice modulation.
The evaluator was applauded for his crisp evaluation.
The speaker was appreciated for the good usage of words and advised to avoid untimely pauses and weave the story better.


The evaluator was impressed with the topic selection, the speaker was confident and maintained eye contact with the audience. The speech had good clarity and audibility. He suggested to have a smooth transition with a stronger conclusion.
The evaluator was applauded for the detailed structural evaluation with the open, body and conclusion.
The speaker had a strong opening with his vocal variety. He expects statistics for the research and a powerful conclusion.


The evaluation expressed the speech was entertaining and motivating but the speech didn’t abide with the guidelines. She requested to repeat the speech.
The speaker was advised to have relevant speech to the project and also expected to have an Indian reference.            


SAA- TM HARSHA was appreciated for starting off with the rules then moving to the theme.
ACTING PRESIDENT –TM ANISH has good usage of words and was applauded  for a perfect speech. He was advised to memorize the entire speech rather than referring from the phone.
TMOD –TM ADITIYA , our GE was Happy to see the TMOD grow into a confident speaker .
He was suggested to reduce the pace of the speech and work on voice variety.
TTM- TM AASHISH had easy and relevant table topics. He was advised not to pick the role takers of the meeting for table topics.




Brand new designed Daffodils t-shirt and cap presented to Dr.Ram.

District 92 Semifinals

The gems of Daffodils shone bright on the district semi finals stage. With thirty Daffodilians to support them, they made us proud.We wish them luck for all their future endeavors. More often than not, it’s not our friends who are always there for us. It’s our family, that helps us to pick ourselves up, and dust ourselves and helps us find our way. And when you’re a part of Daffodils, you don’t become friends, you become a part of a family that will be there for you no matter what.  In the highs, in the lows and everything in between. To our contestants of the District Semi Finals, TM Shree Nidhi and TM Madhu Sudhan we love you, and you are a winner in all our hearts.

To all our Daffodilians, we love you for being there with us through every journey. This is not the end, we will rise and shine and make the whole world wonder, how’d they do it? This, is not the end !!


-by Secretary team

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