meeting #793- the circle of life


TM Amrutha rose with confidence on the dias.
She spoke of the mighty lion king who once ran away from his responsibilities. The lion king confronted his father and realized that if he looks inside himself he is more than what he thinks he is.
The young toastmaster takes inspiration from the story and explains “no matter how much u do, u can always do more, just like simba taught me, whether work, life or relationships. That`s how u take your place in circle of life.”
On that note she hands over the lectern to the president


TM Shree Nidhi Our graceful president stood with honour. With her loud voice fill with conviction she spoke of two men. One was her uncle, who suicide because he couldn’t face the hardships of life. Another one her father who had hardships too, but never succumbed to it. His biggest motivation was a decent living for his daughter and wife and he earned it eventually.
The young toastmaster explained, the circle of life will be difficult, but it’s on us to finish it.Also when we have grace and courage, we can live a decent life with honour. Joining to circular paths into infinity.
On that note the president hand over the lectern to our TMOD.


TM Shwetha, an ex-president of Daffodils and an energetic speaker set the stage on fire with her phenomenal performance.
She spoke of the sweet sour relationship of her family with their neighbors.
From parking space to laundry turns, they always were ready for an argument. This went on for long until one day. The youngest child of the neighbor’s family suffered a seizure. His mother was screamed with panic and shwetha’s family rushed to help. After that, both families shared a sweeter bond.
She concluded saying, “When you smile you receives smiles”.
When you help, you receive help.
But when you cause pain, you only get pain as reward. It’s a circle of life.”


Title: Unknown

TM Parikshith started off on a strong note as he broke the ice between him and the club.
A 20th century born, enthusiast that he was had a vast set of experiences for his age.
From tasting different sorts of learning in different cities he stopped at Bangalore to finish his schooling. He learnt a lot of values here and was willing to test them later on. His first job was in Gurgaon which, in his opinion, was more like an overpaid office boy. So he opted out of it and came back to Bangalore.
Here he found the job he liked. To teach educational institutions. But along his journey, he also had toastmasters, here he had major endeavors, lots of friendships and tons of motivation.
He takes pride in considering Daffodils as one of the major and favourite contributors in his life.

SPEAKER-2 DTM jayaram

Title: Am I an old speaker yet ?

Dr.Ram, the man who met Mahatma Gandhi and the witness of “the quit India movement” stood before us with a legendary association of 37 years with toastmasters.
He spoke of his childhood, education and work. But deeply mentioned about his love for toastmasters.
Apart from taking stage at district levels and other endeavors at toastmasters.
His experience with toastmasters helped him learn and master the art of evaluation. An evaluation, in his opinion, can make or break a speaker. He had both experiences. One speaker became the world champion and other dropped toastmasters.
On that note the veteran abbreviated the the word old and laughingly asked, is he old yet?


Title: What’s next?

DTM Kumaran Pethi awed the audience once again with his perfect blend of experiences and inspiration.
The triple degree holder had a beautiful teenage life. With his first crush being his English teacher, Diana. He studied B.Com, which taught him to be calm then BBA, where he realized he is done with bachelors, and finally LLB.
He got married to the woman who climbed on to his heart and stayed there for 26 years till date. He faced hardships and bankruptcy which was the turning point of his life.
He then opted for a diploma in civil engineering and then there was no stopping from from there.
He appreciates every experience for their ability to make his life what it is worth right now.
Toastmasters being a splendid part of it.
With quick humour and wit, our veteran toastmasters, splendid mentor and our founder member successfully broke the ice between him and all the members



• Either you play the game or watch the game play you
• Loyalty is a two way street
• Measure seizes to become a measure when it becomes the target
• Walked into my room to see…… (Story) (chits)
• Looks or Intelligence what do you find more attractive?
• Too many cooks spoil the broth


Speaker conveyed a fine example of how to introduce oneself. He spoke about his childhood and his experiences in professional life. Evaluator appreciated the sprinkles of humour and gestures. The speaker is suggested to slow down while speaking about different things.

EVALUATOR 2-TM pranab singh

The evaluator was impressed by the capabilities of bringing humour and depicted 80+ years in six minutes of speech by the speaker. It covered all aspects (family, education, work and hobbies) of the speaker. Look forward to the future speeches.


The evaluator fascinated by the speaker uniqueness, walk the talk and word play. The entire speech was full of fun and had rib tickling humour. The speaker suggested to have a powerful ending to the conclusion.


TM Madhu appreciated the SAA for started off her speech by asking question and providing the good snacks. He advised TM Amrutha to work on transitions and impacts of story.
PRESIDENT TM Shree Nidhi was applauded for the voice, major stage presence. TM Shree Nidhi advised to start off after audience settle down and personal reflections.
TMOD Shwetha Mahesh did a splendid job. The audience relished her song performance and jokes. She advised to work on introductions.
TTM Deepali lit the table topics with prodigious amount of energy and confidence while conducting the session. The topics were simple and captured the audience attraction. GE advised her to start by saying importance of table topics for the benefit of guest.
TM Parikshith, evaluator was appreciated his voice and humour. The speaker was advised to have a summary and slow down while delivering a speech.
DTM Ram, evaluator was applauded his great structure of speech, analogy, sarcasm, numbers and sprinkles of humour.
DTM Kumaran, evaluator was awed his ability to connect with the audience by right amount of jokes, however he advised him to get into specifications of speech.




Mentor of the month | TM Pranab Singh

Toastmaster of the month | TM Madhu Sudhan

Cross word quiz winner | TM Aditya Mamidi

Refreshments |Networking


Hosted by: TM ANISH


  • Newly designed Daffodils  t-shirts
  • District 92 Semi-finals registration to cheer up our own club members TM Madhu Sudhan -International Speech contest and Shree Nidhi -evaluation contest.
  • Outdoor meeting destination-Goa

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