meeting #792- be wisely worldly,not worldly wise


SAA- TM KRushna

TM Krushna strikes the gavel and began with a story of school cricket field. At that time he and his elder brother were playing cricket against each other. Suddenly a confrontation has arisen about an out which led to the play teacher attention. They were astonished by the teacher advice of three things. They were respect elders, control your tongue and don`t wish bad for anyone. Then they realized it’s not important for you to be worldly wise, to know everything in this world, instead it is important to become wisely worldly, to know essential human values. Then he handed the lectern to the President.

PResident- TM Shree NIDHI

TM Shree Nidhi started off with an anecdote.The process of being wise happens with experience and encounters. When her friends in class 5 were reading the wonder work of Jeffrey archer, she was playing with fake utensils. This made her feel they are wiser .As she grew up she started to figure out what are the general ideas of being accepted to be wise. So, she completed her under graduation and went to do her PG and currently doing bachelors in education. This conventional idea of education did not help her to what makes a man wise. But her quest to figure out in being wise pushed to start a business in early teens, end up with a disaster. She introspected much about her failures. Then she found life has a lot of patterns and we all go through it. Since, it has patterns we can always learn from people who have been there before that, called it wisdom. So, if you want to gain the wisdom, encounter the experiences. On that note the president hand over the lectern to our TMOD.


Mentor- TM Pranab

With full responsibility he did his usual drill and proved to be very well prepared to set the mood of the meet.

With his cute knack of humour our Tmod came up with a very relatable address about his college incidents. He laughingly expressed his annoyance with PowerPoint presentations and even their existence.

SPEAKER-1 TM umanath


Project-CC 7

Kick starting with an anecdote, our speaker brought into light a very regularly practiced ritual which is gravely impacting our society.
Prema was a very thin and pale looking woman. Her family followed a custom born from a superstition where the women eat last.
Prema ate only the left overs which lacked nutrition and vitamins. Leela, a woman who worked in an NGO targeting such practices made the family understand that the tradition made no sense. Prema and her family were free from this but there are many more such Prema’s in India alone.The speaker enlightened is with the statistics and requested us to become a leela in some prema’s life.



Project-CC 7 | Mentor- TM Pranab

Our humour master went into a flashback where his mother asked him to buy a big list of items. The list grew but he kept procrastinating.Bharat, Naveen and he were the three musketeers in his college.
Bharat was handsome and would complete all his tasks on time. He was perfect in the eyes of our speaker.
Naveen was a little lazy but would eventually finish tasks in the last minute
But our master procrastinator could not even do that.
He thought of doing a primary survey in his close circle, the Daffodils Toastmasters club.
In a survey of 50 people, he realized that only 7% were perfect like Bharat. 35% were like naveen and 18% like himself.
He suggested, that to come over this habit, we must break our tasks into smaller bits. So small that it become too simple to dodge.

SPEAKER-3 TM nikhil rao



Our veteran toastmaster was just one speech away from his milestone speech towards becoming the DTM.
He brought in a rather simple yet interesting story from the witty tales of Tenali Rama.
Tenali Rama was punished to beheaded in one strike by the king of Madurai.The guards were fooled by him and he was taken back before the king.
The king this time ordered the guards to bury him till his neck and stamp on his head with an elephant. When the guards went away to bring the elephant an old man with a hunched back questioned Tenali about him being buried. Tenali this time fooled the man by saying he went in to fix his hunched back.
The old man excitingly dug Tenali out and took his place instead. Tenali was freed because of his wisdom.
He related this act with our lives saying we also survive before we thrive. Only doing it with a little more wisdom will take us to another level.

TTM-Saravanan v

  • What would you do if you were stuck in traffic FOR 10 hours
  • What was your most recent dream
  • Who was the last person who said you “I love you too”.
  • If you could be of any age then what would it be.
  • In your opinion what would be the 7 wonders of the world.
  • If you win a million, how would you spend it
  • What makes someone a hero.


TM Manjunath was impressed with the choice and content if the speech as it was one of those that forced him retrospect. The statistics were well researched. And it was constructed in a good personal story. However, the speaker was advised to use the stage. He was also suggested to enact the scenario instead of speaking as a third person.

EvALUATOR 2-TM Akshay Harish

The evaluator was impressed by the capabilities of bringing humour in the speech by the speaker. The speech was well researched and an extra attempt was made to do a research within close groups. The statistics were easy to understand by all kinds of audiences and the delivery so was on point.
However, the story of finding love and the topic of procrastination did not relate.
The speaker was also advised to encourage the audience while concluding.

EvALUATOR 3-TM Shriyanka rao

The evaluator loved the speaker’s attempt to touch upon three important factors according to the project guidelines. The visuals, the audio and the plot.
The visual were the fulfilled by the speaker’s amazing body language.
The audio, by his spectacular voice modulation and the plots kept the audience engaged.
The speaker was only advised to describe the scenario to make it more dramatic.

ge-TM Sanjay khandelwal

The amazing toastmaster and also the founder of a club in mumbai, came to Bangalore to vote!
He stopped by Daffodils and shared his humongous yet valuable bank of feedbacks with us.
He was impressed with the job of the SAA. The man had to introduce the same person, the president, for 24-26 weeks and he still managed to do it with grace.
The president was applauded for her powerful voice and beautiful structure in her speech.
The TMOD impressed our general evaluator with his amazing humour. He almost felt like a natural and was encouraged to learn to Guage it.
The TTM was advised to engage more and pick people in steak of asking for volunteers.

TM Umanath was advised to tell an example of how he helped prema to create more impact.
TM Kishan was applauded for his massive improvement but was suggested to use an example of him practicing the tips he suggests.TM Nikhil Rao was advised to leave the story on a high note, so that the audience are left with something to look forward to.





Sunday Daffodilians witnessed the final showdown of Youth Leadership programme Launchpad 2019 at Shukra auditorim,Malleshwarm. We saw 22 young leaders set fire to the stage with speeches, evalautions, dance and singing performances, mad acts, presentations and role taking. Appreciated the efforts of YLP coordinators TM Shwetha Mahesh and Dilip Suresh.

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