The Secret Weapon

They say that mental power is human being’s greatest weapon but there’s no secret about that is there? You think, you do.

Every thing that you do each day is created twice. Once in the mind and once in reality. People are just one-friend’s-advice or just one-good-morning-whatsapp-story away from realising this but not many realise that there several dimensions to mastering this.

For me, a secret weapon is one’s ability to ignore. Ignorance has to be a filter which filters opinions that make you better from all the judgements and opinions that people make, comment, whisper and think about- you. A world in which information travels at the speed of light, a whisper under a tree could be a banner with your picture hanging from a building. Ignorance is a subtle art. An art not everyone can master. The art of growing into your better self. Remember always that you are the only one who knows what you want to be. Stick to what you believe in and at the same time give room for opinion. Ignore the ones that cut your wings. Ignore the ones that tell you that you can’t and aim for the stars, and Ignore the ones that say you aren’t meant to do this.

Having said that, Ignorance is a bliss, you do have to learn to filter out the comments between random rants and ones that really push you closer to your goal. Ignorance can also have a certain impact in your life. It can give you the peace you want, it can give you the calmness you want, but too much of it, might not be take you anywhere in life.

And only when you master how to use this secret weapon, you’ll be able to glide through life!

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