Why ‘why’ matters.

‘Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.’ Said the alarm clock. Instincts took over and my dominant arm reached out to handle that ‘annoying’ sound. But something was different that day. I did not hit the snooze button, I switched the alarm off and sprung off the bed. Yes, dear friends I got out of bed early on a cold winter morning to hit the gym. What was the trigger? Motivation?

As much as I want to paint a ‘hopeful’ picture in your heads, I don’t want to lie. Motivation is just a spark to your fire. It only gets you started. Remember that day you decided to hit the gym because Hrithik Roshan told you that ‘Fitness is key’? I’m sure you also remember that you slept like a log on the next day and the days to come, until you received another dosage of motivation. Welcome to my world!

I relied on Motivation too much. I thought that Motivation could keep me going. As usual, I was wrong. After you make a flame with a spark, you need a constant supply of oxygen to keep the flame going. See, I give you free science lessons also! I wanted to find that ‘oxygen’. I had left no stone unturned in my pursuit for it, I watched countless documentaries, I read endless articles, I spoke to hundreds of people. Little did I know that the answer was hiding in plain sight. I noticed one day that each morning I asked myself one question while waking up, ‘Why?’. I connected the dots and BOOM! Eureka!

I confused you all. Didn’t I? Let me explain the revelation once again. Each morning I woke up and asked myself ‘Why I needed to go to the gym?’. The answer I gave myself was in no way worth more to me than my precious sleep. Getting the perfect body for impressing others was not worth a dime when I weighed it against my sleep. The motivation flowing through my blood was enough what I was lacking was a powerful ‘Why?’.

I vowed that day to tag each goal I had with a powerful ‘Why?’. A ‘Why?’ that was much more precious than few hours of sleep. After many internal discussions (yes, I talk to myself!), I came up with valuable ‘Why?s’. Next day, the alarm went ‘Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.’ I asked myself why I needed hit the gym. The answer that came threw me out of the bed and into the gym! My goal of creating an aura of discipline through bodybuilding was worth much more than few more hours of sleep.

Don’t we all blame the ‘lack of motivation’? Well, dear friends that is not the problem. Trust me, we all have enough motivation, what we lack is a strong ‘Why?’. What are you waiting for? Go back to your drawing board and come up with strong ‘Why?’. This is the ‘oxygen’ your flame needs. While I would expect you all to be motivated after reading this article, I’d be heartbroken if you just leave it there. Let this article be the spark to your fire and a manual on how to keep your fire going.

Authored by Abhishek Rathan

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